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GCC, NEW High Potential Market

In 2019, Thai Mart Bahrain will be a new, important milestone for Thai business. It is a complete Thai shopping mall covering a 6,700 sq.m. space in Bahrain's Manama. The project is a fine and strong collaboration between Thailand's Vega Intertrade & Exhibitions LLC., and Bahrain counterpart Diyar Al Muharraq who have enjoyed a big success from Dragon City earlier.

Thai Mart Bahrain is a cooperation between Thailand's Vega Inertrade & Exhibition LLC. and Bahraini counterpart Diyar Al Muharraq, the successful developer of Dragon Mart in the city of Manama. The shopping store covers an area of 55,000 sq.m. featuring around 800 wholesale and retail shops of Chinese products. Opened in 2015, the Dragon Mart has received overwhelming feedback from the local and tourists across the region, particularly those from Saudi Arabia. In 2017, the mart welcomed over 7 million visitors.

In 2019, Diyar Al Muharraq will start a new success with Thai Mart, located next to the Dragon Mart, on a space of 6,700 sq.m. with around 200 shops. Featuring a wide range of authentic Thai products, Thai Mart will be a new community mall with real Thai ambiance in the decoration, architecture, products, services, and activities for the best Thai experience to the visitors.


To be "ASEAN's leading exhibition and event organizer in the Middle East and North Africa region"


To create and uphold our business values through strong determination and perfect our professional services

Thai Bahrain opportunity

Saudi Arabia is one of those who are very fond of Thai products and services. They could be a very potential trade partner to Thailand because of their large number of population, around 30 million people. Saudis have high purchasing power as their GDP is around USD 778 billion (2013), while the GDP per capita is USD 25,400 (2013). However, due to the poor diplomatic relationship between the two countries, it is very difficult for Thai SMEs to travel to Saudi Arabia and do business directly.

Therefore, Bahrain is considered a bridge to link between Thai SMEs and the Saudis. Thai products are very popular in the region and able to be imported to Bahrain easily, while many Saudis love cross King Fahd bridge to spend holiday in Bahrain, their admired resort town. As Bahrain and Saudi Arabia can travel to each other very comfortably, if we put product on sale in Bahrain we will have opportunity to get Saudi customers too.

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