Fashion & Accessories

Thailand has strong traditions for high-quality fabrics such as Thai silk, beetle-winged embroidery and mudmee (an ancient fabric dyeing technique). When it comes to fashion, Thais are very open and almost any clothing styles are applied, from smart and fashionable dress to jeans and shorts. It wouldn’t be inaccurate to call Bangkok one of the world’s fashion capitals with the wardrobes full of the most stylish items.

Lifestyle & Home Products

The eco-friendly design bespeaks the tradition and experience in Thai’s home decoration. Thai design and Thai homes, in particular, have a long and storied history. From rich colours and handmade tapestries to create decorative art pieces and glamorous carved wood, Thai style tells its own unique story. Here in Thai Mart, the visitors can find the Decor and Furniture styles from Thailand to suit their taste and personalize their styles.

Beauty, Spa & Wellness

Thailand is the global health, beauty, wellness and spa destination. The country has many types of wellness, cosmetics and vitality-enhancing offerings. We bring a range of indigenous resources on quality products and services to offer visitors and enable guests to experience various aspects of ‘Thainess’ in the heart of the Middle East at Thai Mart Bahrain.

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