Thai Cuisines

Thailand, being an Asian crossroads for centuries, owes its rich culinary art to the cuisines of India, China, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The success of the country’s cuisine lies in the blend of 4 basic tastes-salty, sweet, sour, and pungent- which form a wide range of flavors, making the dinner want to eat more and more. However, foreigners must note that chilies amply used in a number of Thai dishes, such as curry, fried dishes, and even soups. So if you are trying Thai hot food for the first time, watch out for the little green or red chilies or ask the chef to make the dish less hot than usual. Take plenty of not-so-hot cooked rice along with the hot dishes. This is the way to smother the fire in your mouth, which cannot be done with sweets or even a cold drink.

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